Everything You Need to know about Altcoin Development

Learn how to pick and analyze Altcoin? A must read guide for Crypto investing investors. Do you know everything about Altcoin Development? 

The world is shattered with Crypto and on an average each day cryptocurrency trade volume (globally) has risen to $62billion, which is tremendously huge. 

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized system having digital currency that does not rely on authority to control or maintain it, instead data is stored in a digital ledger format, conveniently distributed ledger technology, known as blockchain. 

‘Digital currency’ having said that, they are of various types and some of them are very popular, ruling over the world like a baron. 

The first Cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, since then investors glimpse a plethora of digital currency. Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum Classic (ETC) are name of few.

So, where is Altcoin then… is it a part of Cryptocurrency? 

What Is Altcoin? 

Well, Altcoin development is not a new coin in the segment of Crypto-race, instead, it is a term that defines bitcoin after generations. 

As we know, Bitcoin is the first ever Crypto, and after that so many coins were introduced too. That means, the coins which were introduced after bitcoin are referred to as Altcoin. 

Ethereum is an example of Altcoin. 

Other examples may include newer and past crypto(s) – Dogecoin, XRP, Tether, Cardano, Stellar, and many more. 

Facts About Altcoin development:

  • Meaning: “alternative” coin (currency) to Bitcoin
  • Number of Altcoins: more than 900 (available globally)
  • Examples of Altcoins: Litebit, BTCdirect, Kraken, Bittrex
  • First Altcoin: Litecoin incepted in 2011

Are Altcoin Still In Demand? 

Let me ask you one question…

Tell me which is the most popular altcoin other than bitcoin? 

Many would have said ‘Ethereum’….Right! 

It is to be said that to this date, Ethereum is the most successful altcoin in the history of the digital domain. And world’s richest investors, millennials, and industrialists owned ETH as well as some other altcoins. 

Following are the top seven best Altcoin development to be survive in 2022 and beyond: 

  1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best Altcoin
  2. XRP – Top-Rated Global Coin
  3. Bitcoin Cash – Famous Bitcoin Fork Coin
  4. Stellar Lumens (Still to be known)
  5. Lucky Block (Still to be known)
  6. Axie Infinity – Pioneering Gaming Coin
  7. Dogecoin – Most Popular Meme Coin

These are some important cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin. However, Bitcoin continues to lead the legacy in terms of market capitalization, user base, and popularity.

How To Pick An Altcoin? An Investor’s Guide To Pick Perfect Altcoin

To pick an stellar altcoin development that gives you huge profit is conceal in a nutshell. You first need to understand their utility value. Underneath are altcoins categories belonging to unique functaionalities. 

  • Mining-based Altcoin: Altcoins earned through mining use the conventional PoW machine. Some common mining-based altcoins are Litecoin (LTC), ZCash (ZEC) and Monero (XMR). The market capitalization of LTC is largest hence agitatedly it is good for investment.
  • Stablecoins: Stablecoins are centralized coins designed to have a relatively stable price or value tied to an outside asset such as U.S Dollar or Gold, to stabilize the price. Examples include Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC) and Dai (DAI).
  • Security Tokens: They are created to represent either the ownership of a particular protection or its dividend. These altcoins are perceived as good for investment as they promise attractive appreciation in value.
  • Meme coins: As the name suggests, coins based on memes are generally born due to silly taken on the internet. For instance, Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE), which garnered value partly due to the tweets of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.
  • Utility Tokens: These tokens are complemented with rewards, mining fees, and on-community purchases. However, these tokens do not offer any securities. Filecoin (FIL) is a perfect example of this. 

How Investors Can Analyze Altcoins?

Though there are many Altcoins surfaced on the internet it is vital to evaluate the best altcoin development for investment. 

Sincerely follow the mentioned points to choose a beneficial altcoin: 

  1. Research Whitepapers

When an organization releases a new blockchain, the developing team releases a whitepaper that elaborates what precisely it strives to do. It presents use instances to highlight its goals and development possibilities.

A whitepaper is a persuasive, professionally-written, in-intensity report on a specific subject matter that offers a hassle and gives a solution.

  1. Understand the demand-supply dynamic

Not all altcoins have been appreciated by investors or Crypto-buyers. That means a fraction of demand affects the acceptability application in a nutshell. If there is a robust demand, consider that time is good to purchase an altcoin. However, occasional diminishing-value is also a good time to invest in altcoins. 

  1. Evaluate the stakeholders and developers

It is equally important to know about the faces and hand-work behind the development of particular altcoin. Whitepaper won’t give you this information, so dig deeper, and find out the ceredible’s minds off the curtain. The project’s website and LinkedIn page are effective places to get the info.

Best Blockchain Alternate Coins To Invest This Year

In this section, you’ll see the current best altcoins of the year and proficiently as considerable as a good investment agenda. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Market experts predicted that Ethereum still has potential to go-far for investors in 2022. A high Ethereum price hack could be seen this year. 

Ethereum is the most well-accepted and best altcoin to invest in and is regarded by prolific investors. 

“Just about everything innovative and important happening in the world of blockchain right now is happening in the Ethereum ecosystem,” words by blockchain expert Paul Brody

Chainlink (LINK)

It is being said that this altcoin is going from strength to strength since the start of 2020. Chainlink is seen as very optimistic from the perception of investors because of its decent role in the decentralized finance space. 

Experts predicted that Chainlink will trade between $6.19 – $9.55 in 2022 and could rise to as high as $11.42 by 2025. 

This altcoin is different from others because it uses real-time data to make autonomous decisions. Moreover, make intelligent decisions by factoring in global development. 

Stellar Lumens

This blockchain has been created to unify worldwide banking systems. It connects various disconnected price structures like Alchemy Pay and Single Euro Payments Area through a unique and renowned decentralized ledger technology.

It could be treated as a protective investment because of its low price value, more people are investing in it. Besides crypto experts and business analysts, said that the altcoin value will reach to or above $1.31 in 2025.

Experts also suggest that the coin performs well in the last five years, increasing its value from $0.13 at the beginning of the year to $0.27 in 2021.

How to Buy Altcoins? 

Each of the altcoins noted above may be sold, offered, and traded on a crypto trade in exchange for fiat, stablecoin, BTC, or any other crypto. 

While there are a number of crypto exchanges platforms developed globally (operated professionally), you can invest, buy, and see potent growth. 

Here’s the convicent checklist to buy Altcoin: 

  • Determine the budget of your crypto portfolio 
  • Explore for the best altcoins in the global market
  • Fiat money to digital money
  • Choose an exchange platform 
  • Find the currency pair
  • Trade BTC for your selected altcoin
  • At last, move the altcoins into your wallet

What is an altcoin wallet? Altcoins are stored digitally, they are in the form of hardware, hence copped in an e-wallet with extreme security layers. 

Create Your Own Altcoin with Comfygen

Comfy Gen has registered its name in the legacy of Cryptocurrency development and hence is the leading Cryptocurrency Development Company that offers an umbrella of altcoin development services using its avat-grade technology assets. 

  • Development of custom altcoins
  • Secured altcoin wallets creation
  • Assistance with crypto mining
  • The creation of white papers
  • Setup of the ICO business module

And much more! 

Take a look at the Altcoin development process to know them better. 

That’s all in this blog. 

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