Smart Contract Development

Our smart contract development services can revolutionize your business on private, public, and hybrid blockchains. Using our smart contract services, enterprises can automate operations, streamline workflow, and reduce costs through our deep expertise in various smart contract programming languages and tech stacks.

Smart Contract Development

Development Of Smart Contracts

Every industry uses smart contracts differently depending on the size and design of the company. Regardless of the industry, we design and build cutting-edge smart contracts at

Auditing smart contract.

The code that underpins the conditions of a smart contract is examined by developers during an audit. Our professional audit team checks smart contract security vulnerabilities using top-notch human and aut

Optimization of smart contracts

Our team identifies specific flaws and expensive models, along with ways to optimize and improving smart contracts. The loop is optimized, inaccessible or dead code is removed, and generic features such as short-

DApps with smart contracts

An Ethereum-based platform can host a DApp logic and backend protocol as a smart contract. Performance, quality, and responsiveness of Dapps are ensured by our smart contract solution

DEX Smart Contract

To ensure the security of decentralized ECO systems' exchange operations, we develop decentralized exchange smart contracts that ensure end-user data privacy, private key architecture, business logic, and data maintenance.

Digital wallet smart contract

Multi-signature digital wallets designed by our engineers are capable of storing and safeguarding digital assets as well as enabling smart contract transactions using blockchain smart contracts.

Development of Hyperledger smart contracts

Smart Contracts are the Future

Smart contracts are self-executing, self-enforcing protocols governed by explicit terms and conditions that can transform how agreements are made across many industries, including real estate, supply chain, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, and others. Comfygen is an experienced smart contract development company with a deep understanding of diverse businesses and industries. Our team of smart contract developers is capable of creating an outstanding computer-based protocol to automate business transactions.

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Smart Contracts are self-executing digital contracts developed on the blockchain network mainly for immutability and security. The smart contract can be signed by two parties without a third party's involvement. Funds are transferred automatically between parties when such requirements and criteria are met. A Smart Contract's data is stored in the ledger, which makes them more secure.

Ethereum Smart Contract Development


Smart contract development, security audit services, and solutions are offered by Comfygen, a leading smart contract development company. Whether you need smart contracts built for your existing blockchain or new smart contracts developed for your company, we specialize in developing self-executing digital contracts. By implementing the bug-free smart contract, we help you propel your business to new heights. Avalanche, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon are just a few of the blockchain platforms our experts have experience designing smart contracts on.

Hire Smart Contract Developer

You can find smart contract developers on freelance platforms, job boards, or by contacting blockchain development firms. When hiring a developer, make sure to have a clear understanding of the project scope, timeline, and budget.

  • Services for smart contracts
  • Applications that are decentralized
  • RAudit of smart contracts
  • DAPP for smart contracts
  • Hire a dedicated smart conttract developer

Smart Contract Programming Languages Our Experts Use



Ethereum smart contracts are written in Solidity, a high-level programming language. There are similarities between it and Python, JavaScript, and C++. The logic of smart contracts can be stored in Solidity, because it is a contract-oriented programming language. Library & inheritance support is available, as well as statistical typing.



Developers building on the EOS blockchain benefit most from C++, a general-purpose programming language. The best feature of C++ is that it is capable of scaling resource-intensive applications and running them seamlessly.



Google developed an open-source programming language called Golang that is based on the syntax of the C programming language. In addition, it promotes concurrent programming, allowing multiple processes to run at the same time.



A fundamental pillar of web design is JavaScript, a dynamic object-oriented programming language. To write smart contracts on the NEO blockchain, developers use JavaScript.

Our Smart Contract Development Process


Discovering Your Business

Our team understands your business, your goals, your pain points, and your priorities. We map your existing workflows and future goals using these multiple brainstorming sessions.


Designing a solution

The design and prototyping of your platform or product begins at this stage after we gather your requirements in a whiteboard session.



In this stage, the designs you approve are programmed and coded. Alpha, Beta, and Release phases comprise our development lifecycle.


Testing and QA

During each release, we perform in-depth QA testing to guarantee that the final product, that is ready for market, is error-free.


Launch and Maintenance

You go live with your product or platform here. As soon as you approve, our developers publish your product in live environments. Besides cloud hosting, we also provide on-premises hosting services.


Support and Customer Service

To maintain continuous improvement, we optimize products and platforms, implement market strategies, and offer real-time support.

Why does your Business need Smart Contract Application

Accounts with multiple signatures

Member approval is required before funds can be transferred from the main account. Multisig contracts provide decentralized control of funds, which makes them an excellent solution for asset sharing. Each sensitive transaction requires the approval of several parties, so multi-signature contracts prevent single points of failure


The storage capacity of smart contracts is extensive, and they can maintain their persistence for a long period of time. In the same way as Ethereum (ETH), blockchain data is immutable, unique, and cannot be altered in any way. A set of parameters can be set to keep, update, and automatically release records.

Support from third parties

The use of smart contracts eliminates third-party involvement, but not entirely. Different roles are played by them within the network. To create a contract, a lawyer is required rather than drafting a separate agreement to understand the conditions. In addition, smart contracts can communicate with each other in a network similar to software libraries.

Financial obligations coding

It is primarily used to manage usage agreements that financial commitments are coded. Smart contracts can be encoded with reimbursement rules, for instance, when a person requests insurance.

Why Choose us For Smart Contract Development Service?


Experts in blockchain technology

We Experienced developers will analyze your business needs and deliver you with the best results for your blockchain project.


Maintenance & Support

We provide support at every stage of the project with a support team and a feasible maintenance plan.


Reliability meets creativity

In order to ensure that our clients are getting the most value for their money, we use the latest technologies on the market.

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Blockchain Smart Contract Development Process

Development of Hyperledger smart contracts

With Comfygen, businesses across various industries can deploy enterprise-grade Blockchain technologies. At Comfygen, we have the expertise to transform your enterprise ecosystem into a cutting-edge, secure, and auditable one with Hyperledger Blockchain.

We developed robust and valuable DApps for companies with our expertise in Hyperledger Fabric, Sawtooth, and similar frameworks. The goal of using Hyperledger frameworks, tools, and libraries is to enable enterprise-grade business solutions to as many businesses as possible.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts can be created and run on blockchain platforms. On Ethereum Smart Contract Development, you can also run any program since it is one of the blockchain platforms that allow arbitrary code execution.

In addition to crowdfunding, bidding, permissioning, and dApps, At Comfygen, we have a team of competent contract developers who develop secure and efficient smart contracts. Consult us if you are interested in developing Ethereum smart contracts for your business operations.

MultiChain Smart Contract Development

Smart legal contracts, the most common type of smart contracts, are subject to the same laws as their traditional counterparts (valid offers and acceptances, consideration, capacity, and legality), and they set out the manner in which parties will be held responsible for fulfilling their end of the deal. Smart contracts are legally enforceable when set up properly and require the parties to fulfill their obligations; failure to fulfill obligations may result in legal action being taken automatically against the party that is in breach by the smart contract.

Application Logic Contracts

Our Cryptocurrency
Development Technology Stack












Ethers JS








Trust Wallet




Wallet C.

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