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Our Blockchain solutions enable businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. As the future unfolds, we are be able to provide our clients with a formidable position. With four years of experience in blockchain-based software development, we are a 100% bootstrapped company.

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Our Top Cryptocurrency Development Services

Cryptocurrency Development Services We Provide

We provide you with the highest level of privacy while making building your blockchain software easy and hassle-free. Our top-notch services include these.

Altcoin Development

Altcoin Development

As one of the leading altcoin development companies with extensive experience in blockchain technology, Developcoins has built an unmatched reputation in offering independent altcoin development services for every business, from start-ups to entrepreneurs. By using cutting-edge technology, we create advanced crypto coins and altcoins that keep you ahead of the competition.

Crypto Exchange Development

Crypto Exchange Development

Comfygen is Leading the cryptocurrency exchange development industry with customer value, Comfygen is climbing high. Cryptocurrencies are one of today’s hottest financial trends. Digital currencies are replacing centralized bank-controlled currencies such as dollars, Euros, rupiahs, et al. with decentralized peer-to-peer exchanges.

Token Development

Token Development

Comfygen India offers high-technology crypto Token Development Services, and our developed platform will have all the necessary features to deliver a seamless user experience. We are considered the best token creators and developers in the market by all of our clients. As well as Blockchain Integration, we also develop Exchange Platforms, create and launch tokens, design and develop digital wallets, and transfer tokens between platforms.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

We offer full-scale cryptocurrency wallet design and development services. Comfygen aims to provide secure storage and management of crypto for a long time as a company. With our crypto wallets, you can conduct flawless transactions with our advanced payment integration solutions. Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development company is the best in class in developing Cryptocurrency Wallets for all digital currencies.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

Our goal is to maximize the opportunity that Binance Smart Chain can offer by providing end-to-end smart contract development services. Our goal is to automate your agreements for your company by creating customized contracts. To meet your unique requirements, we use several types of blockchains, including private, hybrid, and public blockchains.

Crypto MLM Software Development

Crypto MLM Software Development

It is also now possible for small and medium-sized enterprises to develop cryptocurrency MLM software. You get a perfect environment with P2P and API configurations tailored to your business. Using Tron, Ethereum, BSC, Matic, and SOL blockchain, we provide crypto MLM software development services.

reliable cryptocurrency development

Reliable Cryptocurrency Development Company in India

With Comfygen, you get the highest level of privacy with an easy and hassle-free process for building your blockchain software. The blockchain and crypto industries produce groundbreaking software solutions that have a positive impact on the world. Developers and tech experts make up our team. Master developers with years of experience in blockchain app development. We develop enterprise blockchain solutions for a number of industries.

With altcoins, new cryptocurrencies have been created with top-notch security features and revolutionary aspects. Business requirements are taken into account when developing these digital currencies.

Comfygen helps enterprises and entrepreneurs integrate cryptocurrencies into their legacy systems. You can create your own cryptocurrency with our cryptocurrency development services, and then trade it with your users or trade it as a utility token or security token.

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About Comfygen


About Comfygen

With over 10 years of experience designing and developing mobile apps and software solutions, Comfygen offers solutions to millions of users worldwide.

Our early involvement in the blockchain development market has given us a deep understanding and expertise of developing various digital products for clients in diverse verticals, such as retail & eCommerce, healthcare, travel & hospitality, education, entertainment, social networking, banking, lifestyle industry, and other service providers.

Why choose us

With the most advanced technologies, Comfygen strives to provide innovative and better results. Count on us for dependability, trust, and reliability. Keeping up with the latest trends and anticipating changes, we ensure that it is enforced in a way that empowers you digitally.

Effective Cost

Effective Cost

We furnish our clients with imaginative and cost-productive business arrangements through the quality arrangement and reconciliation of data innovation. Our business experts and engineers endeavor to expand your utility measures to decrease costs.

Expert Team

Expert Team

Our team comprises of experts who have years of experience in various domains who are aware of the needs of global market.

24X7 Support

24X7 Support

24x7 support service to our clients ensuring quality result for 24x7 support content 24/7 support (also popularly known as 24/7 customer service or 24/7 tech support) is a customer service strategy that involves providing support 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

On Time Delivery

On Time Delivery

We esteem your time and hence, rigorously stick to deadlines. Subsequently, you can continuously depend on us for consistent task execution and timely delivery.

E-Commerce Development Services

Advantage of Bitcoin MLM Software

For reaching customers at the right time, cryptocurrency MLM software features tools for automating various marketing processes, such as SMS notifications or social media sharing.

Admins of a good cryptocurrency MLM platform have complete control over the platform. A dashboard allows the administrator to view all of the MLM network’s members and all of the revenue they generate.

Admin Dashboard

Multiple Payment Integration

Automated Marketing Process

Management of members

User-friendly interface

Customization is available

Management of backups and restores



mr. Basant Kumar

Basant Kumar is a technology leader with over two decades of experience across diverse domains such as Banking & Financial Services, Human Resource Services and Election Data Analytics. He has Extensive experience of turning business ideas to technical realities, He is expert in designing, developing, and implementing Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, MDM, Data warehouse, Data Integration, Data Migration, Data Management, BlockChain based Products/Projects. Basant is Co-Founder of HappyPlus, HappyPlus is technology enabled happiness habit formation organization. The only company that measures Happiness index along with Engagement of Corporates in India and provides tools, techniques and solutions that are AI / ML enabled to bring Happiness at workplaces.

how it work

Modus Operandi Of Our Service

In order to ensure that our clients get their software solutions on time, our blockchain development team follows proven and crucial strategies. Take a look at our model of the development process

Requirement Gathering

Free Consultation, understanding, and gathering initial requirements needed for the project to clarify the approximate budget and time frame.

Strategy and Execution
After listening to your requirements, we draft an execution plan and make a strategy to move forward for successful implementation.
Prototyping Phase - UI/UX
Our top UI/UX designers design prototypes to give you intuitive and user-friendly UI/UX Design Solutions for a better user experience.
Development Phase
Once the UI/UX theme is confirmed, we start putting all the pieces together using agile methodologies for the development of the project.
Testing and Deployment
Our QA Analysts perform functional testing which involves identifying bugs/errors. Also, apply validations to ensure that it’s working up to the mark to make it ready for delivery.
Swift Launch
When the project is all set for production release, we plan out the launch in sync with complete marketing strategies.
Maintenance & further Growth Support
Our work doesn’t finish here. We also offer support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning of the product that helps you grow and expand your product further.

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