Launch Your Own BEP20 Token on Binance Smart Chain with Our Expert Development Services

In the future, tokens will replace investments and payments. You will be able to taste the enormous profit that has been listed in lucrative business lists by launching your tokens in the upcoming days. With the help of Comfygen, you can create and launch your own token. Using the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain, Comfygen provides the best BEP20 Token Development Services for creating the best BEP20 Token on the market. Discover the endless benefits of the Binance Smart Chain Tokens by joining our team of technical experts.

In addition to creating BEP-20 tokens that operate primarily over Binance’s Smart Chain, BEP20 Token Development also contributes to participants actively seeking the Binance chain’s service for effective monitoring of their Crypto monetary policies. Token Development on Binance Smart Chain is characterized by extensibility, token interoperability, rapid updates, consideration of crowdfunding and fundraising activities, and a completely decentralized process, making it the ideal platform for developing tradeable tokens. Taking advantage of this massive opportunity and killing the success.

Anyone can create and launch their digital token on Binance Smart Chain. The process of creating a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain is fairly straightforward. A detailed explanation of how to create a BEP-20 token is provided in this article. Let’s take a look at how that works.

What is Binance Smart Chain?

In addition to fast trading, its dual-chain architecture allows users to build apps and digital assets on the blockchain.

Among the highlights of BSC are:

  1. Compatible with EVM
  2. Transfers across chains
  3. Authority proof for stakes
  4. Time in blocks of 3 seconds

Binance Smart Contracts run parallel to Binance Chain and enable Smart Contracts for Binance tokens. In addition, BNB, one of the world’s top cryptocurrencies, introduced an entirely new staking mechanism. The following features are available to BSC users:

  1. Transaction fees are low
  2. Defi cross-chain mechanism to increase interoperability
  3. A high-performance network capable of producing blocks every three seconds
  4. Millions of users in a growing ecosystem
  5. Funding and bootstrapping diverse defi projects within the Binance ecosystem

What is the BEP-20 token standard?

BEP-20, which is similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, is the standard that BSC tokens adhere to. Being almost identical to ERC-20, it’s also compatible with BEP-20. It is a fork of the Ethereum main net called Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Standards ensure that tokens have basic functionalities, such as returning balances, transferring funds, and viewing ownership. In addition, BSC tokens can be swapped for the regular Binance Chain that conforms to BEP-2. These tokens require a fee payment in BNB for on-chain transactions. In this way, validators are compensated for securing the network.

Developed on Binance Smart Chain, Tokens are becoming the go-to solutions for attaining monetization and effective asset management due to their widespread usability and globalized preferences. The Binance Smart Chain Token Development process involves designing and building up Tokens that are specific to Binance Smart Chain.

Here’s how these tokens are created.

How to create the BEP-20 token?

Metamask needs to be connected to Binance Smart Chain in order to work. Your token’s details need to be filled in, including ChainID, Network Name, New RPC URL, etc. You can now write a BEP-20 token on the remix. Visit OpenZeppelincontracts in GitHub simultaneously. Go to ERC20 in the token folder. Now, create a new file and name it bep-20 sol.

Avail of BSC Token Development Services from Comfygen, the preeminent Binance Smart Chain Token Development Company. It is possible to develop Binance Smart Chain Tokens for two purposes, one of which involves the design and development of BSC Tokens for general use, and the other involves the development of Non-Fungible Tokens. BSC Tokens are developed with all the essential features, smart contracts, API accessibility, and an attractive user interface.

There are innovative and contemporary developments in the Blockchain industry every year, especially in the decentralized finance space, which challenge the prevailing system and bring upgrades. In the decentralized exchange spectrum, Binance Smart Chain provides its users with a rich and growing digital asset ecosystem like never before.

How to deploy the BEP-20 token?

You can move to deployment once the compilation has been successful by clicking the icon below the compiler icon. The environment should be set to Injected web3 since Metamask is used for deployment. Select the Sample BEP20 Token contract from the Contract dropdown. The SBT token is now ready for deployment. Upon clicking the Deploy button, a meta mask confirmation window will appear. Once the token has been deployed, press Confirm.

The contract details and the logs will appear under Deployed Contracts once the transaction is mined. Under Deployed Contracts, the SAMPLE BEP20TOKEN option allows viewing public methods and variables, which is helpful for testing deployments.

Tokens can be transferred from one wallet to another using the Transfer method. When you have entered the recipient’s address and the amount, click the Transfer button. A popup will appear asking for confirmation; click on Confirm to push the transaction. Remix IDE logs will show the transaction’s details and status after it has been successfully completed.

You can deploy as many tokens as you like by following the steps mentioned above.

On Metamask, you can check the SBT balance of the recipient’s wallet using the following steps:

Click the Add Token button at the bottom of the Metamask account if you wish to add tokens.

Enter the address of the token contract. Symbols and names of tokens will be automatically detected. Next, click the button.

When you click on Add Tokens to add the tokens to your Metamask account, the token balance will appear. Metamask displays the token in the Asset section of the account as soon as it is added.

Adding any deployed token to the chosen network, in our case, it was the BSC Testnet, follows the same steps.


Binance Smart Chain bridges the gap between various blockchains and significantly extends Binance Chain’s functionality. A robust decentralized application can be built on the platform thanks to BNB staking and EVM compatibility.

If you need assistance with building and implementing BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain, we can assist you.

It is our Blockchain experts’ expertise that makes them highly efficient and well-versed in the field. Let’s talk about your project requirements with the top Blockchain professionals.