Fantasy Sports App Development

Our talented fantasy sports app developers at Comfygen have amazing coding talents and are prepared to turn your idea into a standout application that competes services like DraftKings. We are aware of the enormous growth potential in the fantasy sports sector, which has a sizable and devoted global fan base.

Top Fantasy Sports App Development Company

Comfygen is the best option if you're seeking for top-notch fantasy sports app development. Offering reasonable pricing for our services in India, we specialize in developing fantasy sports apps, including fantasy cricket apps. As one of the top fantasy sports app development companies in India, we offer complete solutions catered to your unique requirements. From ideation to implementation, our fantasy sports app development services cover all bases and guarantee a flawless user experience. We can design fantasy sports apps, fantasy league apps, fantasy sports websites, or an entire fantasy sports software solution depending on your needs.

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Fantasy Cricket App Development

Fantasy Cricket App Development

Over the past ten years, Comfygen has developed mobile applications for sports and other industries. The fantasy sports industry is expected to generate 10 billion USD by 2028, and there is still much room for growth. You are welcome to consult our experts if you have any ideas concerning it. During the past few months, we have delivered some excellent fantasy sports apps.Our fantasy sports website builder has in-depth knowledge and a great skill set, having handled a variety of projects. We can create sports mobile apps, Android sports apps, and fantasy sports platforms for your business

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Fantasy Sports App Development Company India

When it comes to delivering the best solutions, Comfygen always takes the most distinctive approach as a fantasy sports app development company India. We are responsible for giving your fantasy sports app a competitive edge. We can customize your app according to your requirements, including the features you would like. Let's take a quick look at them!

Mobile App

  • User On-Boarding
  • Contests
  • My Team
  • Play Now
  • Private Leagues
  • Dashboard
  • Referral Programs
  • User Verification
  • Winning Amount
  • Leader board

Admin Panel

  • Admin Login
  • League Details
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Revenue Report
  • Withdrawal Limit
  • User Felicitation
  • Contest Management
  • Match Settlement
  • Push Notification
  • Reward Points Updates

Fantasy Sports Application Demo

In addition to adding or removing leagues, receiving payments, sending push notifications to users, and many other things, our fantasy sports app was developed by our experienced fantasy sports developer. The demo of the fantasy app we built will show you how yours will look.

  Fantasy Sports Application Demo
 Fantasy Cricket App Development Services

Fantasy Cricket App Development Services

There is no doubt that fantasy sports apps are a dominant trend in mobile gaming and entertainment these days. Fantasy clubs are popular among businesses that enjoy experimenting with new ideas and technology. Developers of fantasy apps are increasingly searching for ways to keep players' attention and make their games more engaging.

Do You Know How It Works?


User Registration

Users can easily register by entering their phone number, email address, or Gmail address.


Profile Settings

This app makes creating and managing a profile so easy. It is possible to add and delete profile details with one click.



In this section, users can view information about current contests and participate in them.


Multiple Payment Modes

There are multiple payment methods available to users, including net banking, credit cards, and debit cards.


Multiple Games

Users can participate in multiple game contests related to their favorite sports in the app.


Ratings & Reviews

You can improve your app by receiving ratings and reviews from users.

With Comfygen, you can develop fantasy cricket in a variety of ways

Our fantasy cricket app development services have a wide range of options for you to choose from. We also provide website solutions in addition to mobile apps. As a result of our expertise, you can streamline the development process later on.


User App

Onboarding, user dashboards, contests, team creation, referral programs, and private leagues are just a few of the fantastic features available.


Admin Panel

Users can login to the admin panel to manage their fantasy sports accounts, view league details, manage contests, and view contest results.


Additional Features

With our fantasy sports app solutions, you will not only engage your customers, but you will also be able to target a larger audience.


solutions can be implemented

Any of the following solutions can be implemented with these core components in place.

  • Fantasy Sports Web App
  • Fantasy Cricket App Development
  • Fantasy Football App Development
  • White Label Fantasy Sports Software
  • Fantasy Baseball App Development
  • Social Fantasy Sports App
  • Fantasy Analytics Software
  • TestingTestingTestingTestingTesting
  • Fantasy Sports AR Solution
  • Sports Streaming App Solutions

For your next fantasy sports app, we can also customize any of these solutions for you.
You can launch your own fantasy sports app with the help of experienced developers!

Why Choose Us For Fantasy Sports App?

Our Fantasy Sports solution offers the best user-experience design combined with industry-leading features, helping you turn your fantasy app idea into a profitable business

User-captivating screens

With our thoughtfully designed UI/UX designs, we aim to captivate real users. You're getting the right kind of attention, engagement, and service!

Scalable platform

As time passes, you will always need to upgrade and expand. You can achieve this most effectively with our scalable solutions.

Robust security

We provide foolproof protection for your data and transactions with our advanced security measures.

Pro-domain experts at work

Your solution will be built by certified domain experts who specialize in building sports-specific solutions.

Latest Tech Stack

We will build your next fantasy game app using the latest technology & tools. We offer AI-based fantasy sports apps, Blockchain-based fantasy sports apps, and ecommerce integrations.

Fantasy Sports App Development Cost Estimation

Fantasy Sports App Development Cost Estimation

The development of fantasy sports apps and software involves a variety of components, including tools, technologies, testing, and so on. Taking into account the following key factors can help you understand how fantasy cricket app development cost estimation is determined.

  • UI/UX Components
  • Tech Stack
  • Platform
  • Features
  • Storage
  • Third-Party Integration
  • App Security
  • Testing

Ready-To-Go Fantasy Sports App Development Solutions By Comfygen

  • FanDuel Clone
  • DraftKings Clone
  • Darft Daily Clone
  • FantasyDraft Clone
  • StarsDraft DFS Clone
  • Yahoo Fantasy App Clone
Fantasy Sports App Development
Fantasy Modes

Benefits of Fantasy Sports App Development from Comfygen

You will get the best fantasy sports app development experience with us, and we can customize the app to suit your needs.

Solutions tailored to your needs
Integrations with third parties
Technology on the cutting edge
Interface that is user-friendly
Payment security
Functionality across platforms


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Fantasy Sports App Development

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