How To Start A Legitimate Fantasy Sports Business In India: Complete Guide

Millions of Indians have become involved in fantasy sports as they have grown in popularity over the years. Following the pandemic, fantasy sports apps received a great response from audiences. An understanding of the sports industry, the target audience, and effective marketing strategies are essential for starting a fantasy league in India. Hence, this article will help you get started with an Indian fantasy league.

Market Statistics

As Market statistics indicate that the fantasy sports market will reach USD 44.07 billion in 2027, from USD 21.39 billion in 2021. Over the forecast period of 2022-2027, this represents a CAGR of 12.92%. As a result of technological advancements, internet infrastructure, and increasing demand for fantasy sports, the fantasy sports business in India has been overgrown.

The audience responded well to the Fantasy Sports apps developed by app development companies. Here is the guide for those fascinated by the concept! 

A Guide to Starting a Fantasy Sports Business in India

The following is a complete guide to starting a Fantasy Sports business in India. Make Fantasy App Clone Scripts your next step to leading the fantasy sports market. The following factors should be considered when starting a fantasy sports business. 

1. Fantasy Sports Business Goals

Whatever you do, there must be a purpose or goal behind it. If you’re going to invest all your money at once in a business, you should have a solid goal in mind. Using all aspects of your game app’s branding to engage users in fantasy sports business’s revenue model will help you engage them. 

2. Analyses of the market

Do proper market research and analysis before starting a fantasy sports business. 

It is important to understand the history and current and estimated future records of any Fantasy Football App Development project or any other. In addition, determine which sport is the most popular by analyzing the market competition. 

3. Make a detailed plan

A road map or a complete plan is necessary before beginning a venture. Make a list of essential aspects like your business budget, audience, must-have features, teams, top sports, leagues, etc., to incorporate into your app. As of now, the Fantasy Application must be completed by a deadline. 

4. Create a unique fantasy sports platform with unique features

Include unique features and plugins to make your website stand out. To get enough user engagement, you must have the right fantasy football sports app platform. When you launch a fantasy sports mobile app like Dream11, you will be able to take advantage of both the incredible mobile app and the website platform. 

5. Rules and Format for the Game

To bring more customers to your business, you can choose whatever game rules and formats you want for Fantasy Hockey App Development. Make sure a trustworthy data provider handles your fantasy sports app. SportsRadar, Stats Inc, GoalServe, and FantasyData are all options you can choose from. 

6. Marketing and launching an app 

You introduce your audience to the website and application through the fixed format of the fantasy sports business launch. You may want to seek guidance from your fantasy sports app development company or decide on a proper pre-launch strategy. 

Apply appropriate marketing strategies after the launch to establish your presence on the market. Developing fantasy rugby apps, fantasy NBA apps, etc., is harder than developing more popular fantasy games. Due to their less popularity, you will have to work harder. Use any of the following: mobile, search engines, social media, electronic media, radio, etc.

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Features of a Custom Fantasy App

The following features are must-haves for a fantasy sports app:

A user’s panel
  1. Log in or sign up
  2. The home screen
  3. Enter a contest or join one
  4. Modes of payment
  5. Create a contest 
  6. Dashboard for users 
  7. My contest 
  8. Settings for users
The admin panel
  1. Sign up/log in as an administrator
  2. A dashboard and a user manager
  3. Category and match management for all games
  4. Manager of contests
  5. Management of payments 
  6. Reward points and cash bonuses 
  7. Managing reports
  8. Handling of bank withdrawal requests 
  9. Page management for CMS
Features that are additional
  1. Integration of live score APIs 
  2. Scores live from matches 
  3. Notifications by push 
  4. Integration with CRM 
  5. Reminder system for mail
  6. Location tracking using GPS 
  7. Analytics in real time 
  8. System for making payments


Technology for developing fantasy applications 

Your app’s performance depends on applied technologies. Our recommended tech stack is as follows:

Management of databasesMySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, MailChimp Integrations, HBase
Languages & Frameworks:React Native, Java, Flutter, PHP, Kotlin, Swift, C++
The cloud Azure, Google Cloud
Front-end developmentCSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS
Push NotificationsApple push notifications, Twilio

Apart from these, the app cost can vary depending on the app platform, the app design, the location of the app developer, etc. Fantasy Sports app development companies are estimated to cost between $20,000 and $50,000, according to these reports. According to your needs and other factors, this price can vary.

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Fantasy Sports Business in India: How to Get Started!

We understand your need for Fantasy Sports software development, which is currently in high demand. Developers and designers at Comfygen work hard to provide you with quality solutions. Sports like fantasy cricket, fantasy basketball, fantasy football, and fantasy football apps have a strong market presence. 

We offer both web and mobile gaming platforms to our clients at affordable prices. In order to succeed, fantasy sports app developers must be knowledgeable and experienced. Across the entire market, our developers are capable of standing out from the competition in any situation. We provide fantasy sports apps and website development services. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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It is a fantastic opportunity for businesses and organizations in India to join a growing industry, generate revenue, enhance engagement, and develop their overall character by starting their own fantasy league.

It is crucial to do thorough research, plan, and execute before starting a fantasy league in India. However, There is rapid growth in the Fantasy Sports industry in India.