How Much Does It Cost to Build a Doctor Appointment Booking App?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Doctor Appointment Booking App

In a health-conscious world post-COVID 19, the demand for a Doctor Appointment Booking App is evident. The era of seamless online booking for care reigns as queues for care are reduced.

Healthcare is now readily available and delivered in real-time because of the latest development in technology. This has successfully bridged the communique gap between patients and physicians. 

The doctor appointment booking app is one of the most important digital components of this revolution, which has simplified and democratized healthcare delivery.

There is a demand for the healthcare category from all of the many players inside the healthcare domain due to the simplicity of use that online appointment booking apps provide. So, here’s what you should know about the cost of on demand doctor appointment app development if you want to develop an app:


Benefits of Doctor Appointment Apps

Apps for doctor appointments play an important function within the present day health care system. Because these apps have such a lot of advantages for patients, doctors, and health care providers, they can be beneficial for both small practices and big-scale HCOs. 

Doctors can enjoy the following benefits:

  • The ability to provide suggestions in underserved or remote places 
  • Expanding patient base
  • Offering patients 24/7 access 

Patients can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Time and cash savings, particularly in remote places
  • Ability to consult a physician whenever it’s convenient for the affected person
  • Access to the best physicians in multiple disciplines

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Factors that Affect Doctor Appointment Booking App Price

While getting services from doctor booking app development services, it is important to consider the factors that affect the price of the service. Here’s a look at it:

  1. UI/UX Design

    The price of creating an app is influenced by how complex the UI and UX design layout is. User retention and engagement can be raised by means of developing an intuitive layout with clean navigation and a visually appealing interface. It’s important to realize how development charges and app worth might be impacted by aesthetically fascinating layout.

  2. Where the App Development Company Is Based

    One of the most crucial factors in identifying the total value of app development is the location of the doctor appointment mobile app development company. The charges of hourly development fluctuate based on the diverse locales. Hiring a mobile app development company in the US, for example, will be more expensive than hiring one in India. 

  3. Technology Stack

    The overall fee of developing an appointment booking app is also influenced through the selection of the technological stack, which includes the programming languages, frameworks, and tools. Choosing the latest technologies can improve the operation of the app and assist in competing with established players.

  4. Complying to Regulations

    Strict regulatory requirements and information safety law, need to be followed while developing healthcare apps. The total complexity and consequently the expenses associated with developing an appointment booking app increase with the assurance of data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. 

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  5. Connectivity with External Systems

    The average complexity of the app is increased by means of integrating it with outside structures including electronic health records (EHRs). Developing a healthcare mobile app will cost more on the grounds that seamless interoperability demands extra works. 

  6. Continued Maintenance

    Maintaining your app consistently is essential to its scalability as your consumer base expands. The entire cost of creating a mobile appointment app includes upgrades, bug patches, and maintenance. 

  7. Development Timing

    One vital element in determining the app price is the general amount of time the doctor appointment app development company needs to spend on the app. The developers had to create a hospitality app that strongly correlates with the development time. 

    If you need to reduce the quantity of time it takes to design your app, and it consists of state-of-the-art functions, you will need intelligent people to finish the duties faster. On the other hand, you have to pay much less than the aforementioned if you need a simple team. 

  8. The Development Platform for Apps

    The preference of platforms, along with cross-platform development, iOS app development and Android app development, might affect how much it costs to create an app. Selecting a single platform for development at the outset and running in the direction of a cross-platform app as soon as the software program has acquired recognition within the marketplace are recommended ways to reduce the overall charges. 

  9. Features of the App

    The cost to design an app is directly impacted by the complexity and quantity of functions offered. The development team will need to use extra resources if you want to include more complicated skills in an effort to increase the entire value.

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Cost of Creating a Doctor Appointment App

A Doctor appointment booking app can be developed for an average cost of forty thousand to fifty thousand dollars, but the amount may additionally vary depending on the different factors cited above.

Instead of spending money for a highly sophisticated, appointment booking app, it is suggested to beginning with an MVP. See how the market responds to it, after which include additional capabilities to your healthcare app. If you want to add extra sophisticated functions like AI and ML, then app improvement might cost round $100,000 to $150,000.

Instead of giving customers the whole thing at once and then imparting the identical set of clinical app capabilities, this will ensure that you are continuously adding value to their lives.

Let’s Discuss on Doctor Appointment App Project

Best Features of Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

The best features of well-known doctor appointment booking apps include:

  • Customizable search bar that permits patients to enter symptoms or specializations to find the appropriate remedy
  • User profile and doctor profile management tool
  • An in-app calendar view that makes it easy to set up appointment dates
  • A verify and book appointment feature
  • In-person visits or telemedicine 
  • In-app payments with flexible multi-mode price options 
  • Geo-location monitoring functionality to give a list of local and nearby doctors
  • Appointment reminders. 
  • Instant communication with the other individual using in-app chat and calling features
  • Real-time video consultations expedite patient-doctor interactions. 
  • Options for review and rating
  • Push notifications for other updates, which include confirmations of appointments.

Want to Build On-Demand Doctor Appointment Booking Mobile App?

How to Develop a Doctor Appointment App: A Comprehensive Guide

The first step in developing an is carefully examining the requirements of healthcare providers.

Step 1: Initial Stage

This involves being aware of the specific styles of appointments, the number of patients, and the required system integrations. The primary purpose of the app’s development is to have fundamental features which might be specially designed to meet the requirements of the healthcare industry, inclusive of calendar integration, patient registration, scheduling, and reminders. 

Step 2: Design Stage

The layout phase prioritizes a smooth, intuitive user interface and a seamless user experience catering to various customers. For this challenge, the technical stack has been cautiously chosen to enable its capability. Technologies like JavaScript, React.js, or Angular can be utilized in front-end development. Simultaneously, the back-end can be developed using Python, Node.Js, or Ruby on Rails, and SQL or NoSQL structures can manage database management. 

Step 3: Stage of development 

Thorough functionality, usability, and safety testing are part of the agile improvement system, which ensures efficiency and adaptability. Ensuring compliance with healthcare laws, along with HIPAA and GDPR, and setting strong information safety safeguards in the region, which include SSL/TLS and OAuth, are vital components of doctor appointment app development solutions

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Step 4: Continued maintenance and installation 

After it has been developed, the app can be deployed on-premises or inside the cloud, with a focus on performance optimization, feature enhancement, and normal security maintenance. In order to ensure that the app adapts to the changing needs of patients and doctors, user feedback is critical for continual enhancement after deployment. 

With this all-encompassing approach, the development of a robust, intuitive, and compliant appointment app that satisfies the changing needs of the healthcare mobile app development is guaranteed. 

Wrapping it up

What is the price of developing an appointment booking? If you need to create a doctor appointment booking app, this is a primary query you can have. At Comfygen doctor appointment app development solutions, we make sure that you get the features you intend to get in the app at an affordable price. 

Tell us about the needs for your healthcare app. As one of the leading mobile app development companies, Comfygen can work with you to design cutting-edge native or hybrid healthcare apps that have the functionality your business requires.  


What characteristics distinguish a reliable doctor app development agency?

Clear communication, respect to industry standards, a robust portfolio, relevant experience, and favorable consumer testimonials are all indicators of a trustworthy healthcare app development company in India. 

How to make sure the integration of doctor appointment apps with other services?

User defined protocols, adhere to best practices for APIs, and carry out extensive testing and validation to guarantee the seamless integration of doctor appointment apps with other services. 

What functionalities are required while developing an app for doctor appointments?

The following characteristics are essential for an app that schedules doctor appointments: 
  • Appointment management
  • Reminder notifications
  • Secure Messaging
  • User registration and login
  • Search and booking abilities
  • Interaction with the schedules and systems of healthcare providers 

How can a doctor appointment app be made profitable?

A doctor appointment app can be made profitable in quite a few ways, which include the following: 
  • Subscription-based access to an app
  • Displaying ads to app's users
  • Charging patient or doctor fees
  • Extra fees for urgent appointments
  • Paid telemedicine sessions
  • Paid access to premium features